Thursday, 21 October 2010

Muji Stationary Booklet

A beautifully made Muji stationary booklet from Hong Kong. Essentially this is the type of high end quality I am looking to achieve for my catalogue but targeting students of Leeds College of Art. In terms of the production side, the cover is printed on an almost cartridge like stock, the wood effect really does compliment it and actually makes it feel quite natural. The back cover has a ruler printed on it which has also been embossed, adding to the tactile quality of it.

With regards to the layout, it's as brilliant as ever really; consistent format, tight typography & layout and sharp photographs to give an accurate image of what the products are like. In comparison to the other Muji catalogues, this particular one seems to innovate a bit more with the layout and the way the products are displayed. More photographs have been used to break up the highly formatted layout of the stationary, which keeps the whole thing a lot less catalogue like and almost becoming a book showcasing the products.

Back cover with ruler printed and embossed to add to the tactile effect.

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  1. So beautiful! Sorry, I hope you don't mind me using these photos as an accompaniment to a blog post about Muji. You will be fully credited (with a link back). Thanks.